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From generosity to action: A brief retrospective of the charity campaigns of 2023

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2023 was full of activities and achievements for the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation. We exercised gratefulness for the tireless generosity of our donors an enjoyed seeing the ripples of good deeds that our activities began.  

If asked to characterize this year in one word, we'd choose "altruism". Our community has shown an amazing willingness to help in every project we have undertaken. In 2023, good deeds paved the way for a brighter future for us and and Suceava’s community members.  

Through the many charitable actions and campaigns launched, the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation has successfully concluded its second year of activity. From the beginning, the motivation behind our actions has remained unchanged. Through our values, we have gained the trust and support of more people and companies. Thanks to them, we have come a long way. And now, at the beginning of 2024, we want to start a new journey of good deeds with broader horizons and new dreams to fulfill. Until then, we invite you to walk with us through the achievements of 2023:


Investing in education and the future  

Looking back at the figures invested in 2023, we realized they’re not just statistics but a better way forward. It was a year of building bridges between knowledge and aspiration, developing generations ready to face future challenges with confidence and competence. Hundreds of young people from Suceava County have benefited from charitable projects worth €35.087, started by the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation. Among them are the "Nicu Gane" National High School students from Fălticeni, where we equipped a SMART classroom with state-of-the-art technological equipment. The same educational support was also provided to the Secondary School No. 3 Suceava students, to whom we gave robotics equipment.

Among the significant activities we have focused on over the past year are three summer schools attended by over 1000 students. Furthermore, we celebrated Children's Day with interactive activities, games, and face painting at the Childhood Festival organized by EDU MAX . However, being aware that education never stops, we supported the "Early Education Conference" project dedicated to teachers, educators, and other professionals. The "Education for Security in the Digital Age project was designed to provide the community with essential information on cyber security and practical advice on responsible online navigation.

Support the education system in Suceava!

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We believe excellence is to be rewarded. We support and encourage it. Thus, people like Prof. Dr. Petru Crăciun, the coordinating teacher of Romania's Olympic team in astronomy and astrophysics, received our admiration and gratitude as a financial token of our appreciation. We have also supported the successful journey of Adrian Hânțăscu, a young Suceava student awarded at the World Robotics Championships, and Karla Mihai, a BCS School of Computer Science student.  

Enriching the local community through culture  

As we talk about the value of a community, it is essential to look at its defining cultural aspects. Culture plays an integral role in measuring quality of life and development. The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation constantly devotes its efforts to supporting social and cultural events. As a result, €21.443 was allocated to cultural activities.  

The second edition of the Christmas Charity Concert solidifies our intention to make this show a tradition in the local community. During this concert, we started a fundraising campaign to equip ISU Suceava with three CPR mannequins to train paramedics and first aid volunteers. With over 300 participants, we gathered enough to donate equipment worth €11.660.

However, the biggest cultural event we partnered with was ”Autumn Symphonies” organized by Rotary Club Suceava-Bucovina. For the first time in Suceava, as part of this event, we brought a drone show that lit up the city sky. Other impactful cultural highlights we supported in 2023 were: "Săftița", the 60th anniversary of the Arcanul Ensemble, "Concerts on the Siret", "Autumn at Lipoveni", and the International Festival "Days of the Matei Vișniec Theatre".  

A project that made us proud was the restoration and adornment with a Grigorescu-type frame of the "Little Shepherdess" painting. This work of art by the renowned painter Nicolae Grigorescu now occupies a place of honor at Bucovina’s National Museum and can be admired by visitors. We also helped in publishing three books: "Media Discourse and Institutional Communication" by Gabriel Alin Găleată, "HEart" by Alexandra Juduc, and "The History of the National College Ștefan cel Mare Suceava" by Florin Moraru.

Building a healthier community together 

In early 2023, we began equipping the pediatric ward at the Suceava County Hospital. This generous donation was made possible thanks to the support of donors attending the 2022 Christmas Charity Concert. The little patients can now get quality treatments thanks to the purchased medical equipment. 

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To celebrate World Blood Donor Day, we organized a blood donation campaign. Thus, 19 volunteers were present at the Suceava County Blood Transfusion Centre to show their care and help those in need. 

Two severe medical cases have been brought to our attention this year. Student Ionuț Stavnic and doctor Corina Cîmpan, diagnosed with cancer, received financial support from the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation to cover part of their treatment. In addition, we supported the therapy of David Filip, a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The overall value of our healthcare charity campaigns reached €20.410, and we will do more together.

Giving compassion and humanitarian support

The beginning of 2023 allowed us to start a project full of joy and creativity. In January, we began painting the interior walls of Baineț Secondary School - the only one in that disadvantaged rural community. We also organized a summer treasure hunt for these pupils at the Museum of the Bucovina Village.    

Shortly afterward, to mark the Easter holidays, we prepared numerous gifts and visited the children of the FARA Foundation.  

Later, at the beginning of the school year, we visited several underprivileged rural communities in Suceava County to give the children backpacks with all the necessary school supplies. We also helped a family in financial need to rebuild their home after a devastating fire. Thus, we granted €5.500 for charitable actions targeted at humanitarian support.

We continue to do good deeds

We ended 2023 full of gratitude for every contribution and act of generosity that made our charitable projects possible. ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation, together with the community of Suceava, has shown that we can make significant changes in the lives of those around us. Looking back, we see more than numbers. We see success stories, appreciation, compassion, and a stronger, more united community. Many thanks to our partners: SERCOM Electric, Rotary Club Suceava-Bucovina, EDU MAX, Municipal Theatre "Matei Vișniec" and all those who have been with us along the way.    

We encourage you to access our 2023 activity report to learn more about our charitable campaigns.

Access the 2023 activity report

Join us on this journey towards a better future! In 2024, we aim to continue the streak of good deeds, and your support is essential.

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