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At ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation, we conduct all charitable activities fully accountable and transparently. Over the years, the altruism of our volunteers has resulted in successful projects supported by the generosity of our donors and partners. We are grateful to all those who have joined our mission to transform the Suceava community through education, culture, health, and humanitarian support.  

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Report 2023

Access our latest activity report to discover the charitable projects and good deeds we accomplished in 2023.

Report 2022

Check out the 2022 report for an overview on our first year of activity and the charitable campaigns we've run.


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Together, we support community development in Suceava. Your generosity and desire to do good deeds bring us closer to a better future. Help us give children the chance to get a quality education in schools, support cultural events and provide access to advanced treatments with modern medical equipment!

 Your help is essential in carrying out our activities! Donate any amount to the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation, and we will make sure your money is used for charity projects.


Financial transparency and trust

The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation is committed to financial transparency, providing annual detailed reports on all donations and expenditures. Our goal is to give a clear and comprehensive overview of how we manage the resources we receive from donors and partners.

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