Working together for a stronger community

Fundația Umanitară ASSIST wants to highlight the importance and contribution of the partners in the charitable campaigns and actions carried out so far. We have had the privilege of collaborating with amazing companies and organizations that have joined our mission.

Together we shape a better future for Suceava through education, culture, health, and humanitarian support. We are grateful for the dedication and involvement of our partners in these projects and also proud to be part of a community that works simultaneously to bring joy and support to those in need.


Strategic partners


How can you support our activity as an NGO/company?


Together we can make a difference in the Suceava community. Your generosity and desire to do good deeds bring us closer to a better future. Help us nurture children's education, support cultural events, and provide access to advanced treatments with modern medical equipment!

Redirect 20% of corporate income tax


Redirecting 20% of your corporate income tax is a simple and effective way to support the work of Fundația Umanitară ASSIST. This way of helping does not affect your company's tax obligations in any way. Fill in form 107 and submit it to ANAF by the end of the current tax year. Supporting education, culture, and health in the Suceava community is simple, free, and fast.

Inform employees about the possibility of redirecting 3.5% of their income tax


Form 230 is addressed to individuals who pay income tax. This is a simple way of support and does not involve any additional financial effort for the employee or employer.  Inform your employees about the possibility to redirect 3.5% of their income tax to Fundația Umanitară ASSIST!

Fund a project


Financial support is essential in the implementation of projects initiated by Fundația Umanitară ASSIST. We want to offer the maximum support to the local community through education, culture and health. Help us to make Suceava a better place!

Organize a charitable campaign or event


A great way to support Fundația Umanitară ASSIST is to organize a charity event or campaign. These actions can be aimed either internally within your company or externally at all community members. We will use funds raised from the campaign or charity event to support the local community.

Run a CRM campaign


Direct a part of the profits made in a given period or for a given product to Fundația Umanitară ASSIST. In this way, you can support the development of the local community and offer your customers an example of social responsibility.


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