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How to teach kids the joy of giving: 5 volunteering activities

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The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation once again demonstrated its active involvement in the community by sponsoring the eduFortress children's festival. EduMax organized the event on Children's Day, in the Lunca Sucevei recreation area. Children of all ages were invited to participate in fun, interactive, and meaningful activities to celebrate joy and innocence. 

Present at the event, the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation team transformed volunteering into an enjoyable and practical experience through engaging activities: 

  • Stimulating creativity: At the face painting workshop, children could choose their favorite superhero models that qualified volunteers and then painted them on their faces. This activity showed how volunteering can transform a simple act into a creative and memorable experience. 
  • Immortalizing pleasant moments: A photo corner with superheroes provided the perfect setting to capture memories. 
  • Learning through play: Activities such as races and planting flowers provided children with a fun way to learn new skills, boost determination and appreciate nature.

More than just play 

The eduFortress festival went far beyond mere fun, offering the little ones a range of experiences that stimulated both their imagination and minds. The girls could have their hair braided at the hairdressing stand, while Rubik's Cube enthusiasts honed their problem-solving skills. Logic and math activities stimulated the children's critical thinking, providing them with a fun intellectual challenge. 

Volunteering can be a complete experience that combines fun with educational and personal development. The children had the opportunity to explore their talents and passions, sharing them with others in a friendly setting. 

Probably the biggest gain was that the kids could observe the positive impact of the volunteers' actions and understand that cooperation and helping others bring satisfaction. Hence, the festival contributed to developing a sense of community and underlined the necessity of healthy competition models. 

The importance of learning through play at the edufortress festival 

The eduFortress festival emphasized the benefits of learning through play for the holistic development of children. Through various fun and interactive activities, the little ones acquired essential social skills, such as communication, collaboration and conflict resolution. Play also stimulated their critical thinking and provided them with problem-solving techniques in a fun and engaging way. 

This type of learning is the foundation for healthy growth and academic success, contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals with a lifelong passion for learning. The festival successfully demonstrated how the pedagogical approach through play can be easily integrated into volunteering activities, offering children a memorable experience that will shape their character and inspire them for the future.

A productive partnership 

For the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation and the eduMax Personal and Professional Development Center, this is not the first successful collaboration. Our organizations share a common vision: to promote education and inspire young generations to build a better future. Together, we work on various initiatives - summer camps, competitions and festivals - that enrich the educational and cultural landscape of the local community. 

We would like to express our gratitude to eduMax for this event and thank all the volunteers who, through their contribution, brought smiles to the faces of those present. 

We look forward to collaborating on future initiatives that bring joy and new knowledge to the children in our community!