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"Nicolae Grigorescu - Always Surprising" Exhibition Captivates the Audience in Suceava

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From July 2nd to September 3rd, The National Museum of Bucovina is hosting the "Nicolae Grigorescu - Always Surprising" exhibition, an impressive retrospective of the life and work of the famous Romanian painter. This captivating exhibition is the result of the museum's sustained efforts, which have received generous support from the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation

The exhibition was opened on Sunday, July 2nd, with a vernissage , that gathered a large art-loving audience. The event marked 41 years since the last major exhibition dedicated to the artist, who is known as the father of Romanian modern painting. This exceptional exhibition highlights 77 original works signed by Grigorescu, gathered from the collections of 7 different museums across the country, including museums from Transylvania, Muntenia, Dobrogea, and Moldavia. 

The exhibition is taking place in the Vaulted Gallery on the ground floor and the Multimedia Hall on the first floor of the National Museum of Bucovina and will be open to the public until September 3rd, 2023. The organizers emphasized the importance of this exhibition event for Suceava, highlighting the efforts made by the 7 museums involved in bringing the artworks to the National Museum of Bucovina. The exhibition also showcases the emblematic work of Nicolae Grigorescu, titled "The Shepherdess," which has been restored and set in a beautiful ornate frame worth 3050 euros,  donated by the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation and displayed to the public for the first time in 83 years. This piece holds special historical significance, as it was brought to Bucovina for the first time 111 years ago. 

Each exhibited artwork represents an "unveiling" of the beauty of the Romanian people, captured by the talented hand of Nicolae Grigorescu. Picturesque Romanian landscapes, portraits of peasant women, and scenes from rural life are just a few of the themes addressed in these profound and lyrical stories. Through his works, Grigorescu managed to make the beauty and authenticity of Romanian culture known to the whole world. 

The "Nicolae Grigorescu - Always Surprising" exhibition not only brings to the forefront the life and works of the master painter but also represents an opportunity to appreciate the generosity and involvement of organizations such as the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation in supporting culture and education in the local community. 

A special moment during the vernissage was the launch of the exhibition catalog titled "Grigorescu - Always Surprising," which brings to the attention of specialists and the general public lesser-known works of the painter. The catalog can be purchased at the History Museum or online. 

The exhibition organizers have also planned a series of related activities to enhance the visitors' experience. These include conferences on the life and work of Nicolae Grigorescu, painting workshops for children and adults, as well as guided tours through the exhibition. The goal is to bring the public closer to Grigorescu's artistic universe and encourage interest in Romanian art.

During the vernissage, the guests were overwhelmed by the beauty and depth of the exhibited artworks. Visitors had the opportunity to discover fascinating details about the artist's life and explore his artistic evolution over the years. Each painting revealed a unique story and conveyed powerful emotions, arousing admiration and fascination in the audience.  

Among the most appreciated works are "Female Nude in the Studio," "The Abduction of the Sabine Women," and "Cherries." These are considered true artistic gems and demonstrate Grigorescu's mastery in representing details and capturing the essence of the subject. 

The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation is recognized for its constant involvement in cultural events in the city and its support for education and cultural enrichment within the community. Its strong commitment to promoting and preserving Romania's artistic heritage is reflected in its generous support for the exhibition dedicated to Nicolae Grigorescu. The collaboration with the National Museum of Bucovina is a compelling testament to the foundation’s desire to share cultural wealth with the public. 

For those who wish to explore Nicolae Grigorescu's artistic universe, the exhibition is an unmissable opportunity. The National Museum of Bucovina warmly welcomes all art enthusiasts and curious individuals to discover the genius of this master of Romanian painting.