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Fundația Umanitară ASSIST painted the interior walls of Baineț Middle School

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Education represents a fundamental aspect in the development process of communities and their members. To develop their cognitive abilities, children need a pleasant and safe environment to think, explore, and experiment with new things. Thus, school proves to be a decisive aspect in their educational process. 

However, in some rural communities in Suceava County, children do not have the necessary facilities to be motivated to attend classes. At Baineț Middle School, the only one in the Mușenița commune, the school dropout rate has been a major problem over time. Despite the efforts of teachers, children choose to easily give up their studies in favor of work. 

Because we want to support the development of the local community through education, Fundația Umanitară ASSIST, together with other organizations and community members in Suceava, organized the "Well-being in School" campaign. The project was carried out from January to March 2023 and consisted of beautifying the interior walls of Baineț Middle School, where approximately 80 children are currently enrolled. 

Education through colors 

The project began on the 17th of January when our volunteers visited the school for the first time and identified the needs. We only needed a little time to understand that the building's appearance was unwelcoming and cold. Thus, together with the school administration, we started the initiative to beautify the interior walls of the building in a colorful and creative way. 

The first colors began to appear on the walls of Baineț Middle School on the 25th of February. With great emotion and enthusiasm, we began to bring the personality of the educational institution back to life, offering volunteers creative freedom. Later, Fundația Umanitară ASSIST, together with the Hope 4 Humanity Association, Charity through Arts, and "Sfântul Mitropolit Dosoftei" Cultural Association, painted side by side with the students and completed the work. 

Other members of the community also joined the redecorating efforts, including teachers from other schools, Baineț Middle School graduates, and local companies: Varosi Impex prepared the furniture, Ferochim donated working materials (pigments, brushes, etc.), and La Cost brought food to the final event. 

A community united through education

The "Well-being in School" project's closing event took place on the 11th of March, where we enjoyed the presence of a large number of students, along with community members such as Director Ioan-Arec Chisiliciuc, Elena Panfilov, Mayor Radu Florin Tudoran, and Filimon Gheorghe, priest of the Orthodox Church in Baineț. 

The approximately 80 children in the Mușenița commune were pleasantly surprised to see their school painted in bright colors, with motivational illustrations and shelves full of books. The purpose of the "Well-being in School" campaign was to reduce dropout rates and promote long-term development in the rural community of Mușenița. 


Today I woke up even before my alarm to come to school. From now on, we come to school with joy!

Fundația Umanitară ASSIST supports education and brings joy to schools in Suceava County. Help us contribute to the development of the local community through a donation!