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A New Chapter in the Autumn Symphonies, Supported by the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation

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On a crisp autumn evening in September, the esplanade of Suceava's Cultural House was graced with an extraordinary musical event - 'Autumn Symphonies,' now celebrating its tenth edition. With careful planning by Rotary Club Suceava-Bucovina and the steadfast support of the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation, the audience was transported into a world of melodies and lights, experiencing a musical and visual journey like no other. 

On September 29th, over 10,000 spectators gathered, captivated by the melodic tunes and the play of lights. Guided by the baton of conductor Alexandru Ilie and the expertise of choir master Eduard Dinu, the Orchestra of the 'Paul Constantinescu' Philharmonic from Ploiești eloquently performed a splendid selection of classical masterpieces. Renowned artists, including soprano Mădălina Stan, soprano Maria Miron-Sîrbu, pianist Liana Maureș, countertenor Cezar Ouatu, and baritone Iordache Basalic, graced the stage, leaving the audience in awe with their exceptional performances. 


Honoring Dedication and Passion in Education 

A touching moment of the evening was the presentation of the Excellence in Education Award to Prof. Dr. Petru Crăciun, an outstanding luminary. A professor of astronomy and astrophysics, Deputy General School Inspector, scientific director at the Cygnus Scientific Society - UNESCO Center, and coordinating professor of the ‘Marin Dacian Bica’ National Camp of Physics, Astronomy, and Astrophysics in Voroneț, Mr. Crăciun was acknowledged for his unwavering commitment to education and his profound impact on students. 

What sets him apart is not just his impressive array of awards but also his humility in sharing knowledge. Through his dedicated work and endless passion for astronomy and astrophysics, he inspires future generations to explore the mysteries and beauty of these captivating fields. 

Prof. Craciu was not able to be at the event as he was in Greece attending the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics for Juniors where his students received awards. Therefore, the President of the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation, Andrei Cioban, presented the trophy and a check of 5,000 RON to his wife, Mathematics Professor Mrs. Geta Crăciun. 

Clearly moved, Andrei Cioban addressed the audience, emphasizing the importance of education and the professor's invaluable contributions: 

'Education stands as one of our most invaluable resources, and continuous learning is our sole path to remaining adaptable in an ever-changing world. Thus, we are here today to offer the Excellence in Education Award to an individual whose accomplishments are truly remarkable. Prof. Petru Crăciun, whom we are honoring today, embodies the human capacity for learning, growth, and excellence.' 

The warm applause from the audience reflected gratitude for his immeasurable contribution.


Premiering the Drone Spectacle in Suceava 

Another delightful surprise from the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation was the drone spectacle. For the first time, Suceava's skies were adorned with an enchanting drone performance, crafting various shapes and patterns throughout the sky. Spectators were treated to a visual symphony - from musical scores to a violin with a bow, a ballet dancer, the names of the organizers (Rotary, ASSIST), and other thematic elements. 

The evening served as a celebration of music, art, and above all, the dedication to education. It became an opportunity not only to honor musical talents but also to celebrate the devotion to learning, illuminating the pathway to knowledge. 

The event was more than a spectacle; it was a narrative that united our community and continues to inspire our ongoing efforts in supporting education, culture, art, and development. 

We extend our gratitude to the remarkable individuals who graced the occasion, and we rejoice in our contribution to the triumph of an unforgettable night.