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We donated modern medical equipment and facilities to the pediatric ward in Suceava

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On the 26th of January, we returned to the hospital with a new set of donations meant to bring a smile to the little patients. This time, we gave them 16 bookcases worth 4330 RON that will beautify the pediatric wards at Suceava County Hospital. These bookcases will give children access to the 150 books we offered in the first series of donations.  

Even if we haven’t had the misfortune of being sick and having to be admitted to hospital, we can imagine how slowly time passes. This is even harder for the little kids, as they are full of energy and curiosity. We want to enhance their creativity, feed their curiosity, and make their stay easier with colorful libraries and exciting books. In the coming period, we will return to the hospital with a set of equipment to donate to the medical staff. 

Your contribution helps us to do more good deeds for Suceava. It is free to fill in form 230 and redirect 3.5% of your income tax to Fundația Umanitară ASSIST!

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What could be more important to a parent than seeing their child healthy and happy?  Unfortunately, things don't always go how we want them to, and health problems can occur at any age. Pediatricians and nurses do their best to take care of their patients and put a smile back on the kids' faces. However, the medical staff do not always have the proper equipment to treat certain health problems.   

In order to provide high-quality treatment in Suceava, Fundația Umanitară ASSIST decided to equip the pediatric ward of Suceava County Hospital with modern medical equipment and facilities for children. This was possible thanks to kind-hearted people from the local community, ASSIST Software, and  Novaoptic, who donated to make this dream come true. Together we managed to raise 74,000  RON, which was used to purchase medical equipment and resources for children.

On the 17th of January, Fundația Umanitară ASSIST called on volunteers to transport the first set of equipment to Suceava County Hospital. Thus, we set off with cars loaded with donations and hearts full of joy. We hope that the 20 nasal aspirators, 20 nebulizers, 4 mini-fridges, and the food processor will complement the efforts of the medical staff. We also hope that the bookcases filled with 150 books and the table with chairs will ease their stay in the hospital.  

The equipment we have donated so far is worth a total of 27,900 RON. The next set of donations will reach approximately 47,000 RON. Thus, the hospital will benefit from medical equipment and facilities for children worth a total of 74,000 lei. Fundația Umanitară ASSIST  raised this amount during the Christmas Charity Concert, organized on December 16, 2022, at the Roman Catholic Church in Suceava. On that magical December evening, we welcomed over 250 guests to enjoy the special carols and open their hearts to support this charitable cause.  

The contributions to the pediatric ward in Suceava were possible thanks to the local community, who generously donated. We also thank ASSIST Software and Novaoptic, who helped us turn a mere dream into reality. As a result, Suceava County Hospital now has a pediatric ward equipped with modern devices and a more cheerful space for children who have to stay for treatments. We are proud that together we are bringing hope to hospitals and giving children the chance of quality treatment.   

Fundația Umanitară ASSIST continues to help those in need.

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