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The Humanitarian Foundation ASSIST on the "Face to Face" Show on VIVA FM: The Impact of Good Deeds

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To present its charitable perspectives and initiatives to the people of Suceava, the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation was invited to the "Face to Face" show, hosted by Mihai Cocoș, on VIVA FM radio station.

The ASSIST The Humanitarian Foundation successfully collaborates with VIVA FM due to shared values and interests. Together, they have promoted and participated in actions across important sectors for the community of Suceava, including education, culture, health, and humanitarian support.

Cătălina Micliuc, Vice President of the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation, participated in a discussion about motivation and the work involved in charitable projects.

The conversation's focus was the Charitable Christmas Concert organized by the foundation, on December 8th.

During the radio show, the listeners could hear unprecedented details about the concert and the fundraising efforts to equip the Suceava Emergency Situations Inspectorate.

When asked by the show's host how this decision was made, Cătălina Micliuc explained: "The Suceava Emergency Situations Inspectorate requested our support for the purchase of three CPR mannequin sets, essential for training volunteers and paramedical personnel in providing first aid. Currently, the Suceava Emergency Situations Inspectorate has only one set of mannequins. Considering the importance of this equipment and its crucial impact on saving lives, we did not hesitate to get involved." 

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with mass media representatives such as VIVA FM and the generosity of the people of Suceava, the foundation raised the necessary funds.

Furthermore, Cătălina Micliuc used this opportunity to familiarize the audience with other charitable events held by the foundation in 2023 and emphasized the essential contribution of volunteers and partners in carrying out these actions.

We are grateful to the VIVA FM team for their openness and support as well as for their care in accurately informing the Suceava community about organizations like the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation.

Discover the real impact that the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation has had on the community in 2023! 

The "Face to Face" radio show can be listened to here: