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Bring joy to school kids through technology

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Education is important for all of us.

Education is the foundation of the future. Investing in children and their dreams allows society to push past limits and develop in a tightly connected way to the trends of tomorrow.

Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST is keen on helping our local community. Therefore, the charity we want to bring to Suceava’s attention involves The Middle School in Ipotesti, where a fantastic teacher established a Robotics Lab.

Building robots in rural Romania.

In the rural area of Ipotesti, children dream of learning more about programming and robots. They won national and international competitions, and a grand prize has even brought them 14 LEGO WE Do kits. These kits allow them to explore their creativity by building robots and making coding a reality for elementary kids.

However, the Robotics class has a single, old laptop that the children use by taking turns and just three tablets on which they can program the things they build. The children wait their turn because they can’t imagine how things could be different. But their teacher knows and wants to offer them more.



Can a teacher change lives?

Professor Daniela Lungoci is more than the various titles and awards she has received. In 2020, she was named Education Creator in the homonymous Ministry of Education program. In 2021, she became a Certified Member of the STEM Career Adviser NetworkSTE(A)M IT.

But most importantly, she managed to pass on her love for learning, science, and technology to the middle schoolers who now are excited about subjects such as robotics and software development. The clear, curious eyes who follow her every move during class stand testament to her significant impact.


Children need great mentors. Great mentors need us!

You stand with us and make a change! Help this Robotics Lab prepare the children of tomorrow and let us guide them to the jobs of the future. Donate here!

You can support all their efforts by contributing to the purchase of educational materials.

What is needed?

  • 1 classroom laptop
  • 1 Interactive blackboard
  • 22 tablets


What can you do?

Just like you, Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST believes in innovation and that children must be allowed to develop to their full potential. Do you believe the same? Donate through Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST for the Robotics Lab. You will enable 50 children to pursue their passion alongside a beloved teacher.