Redirect 20% of your profit tax to the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation! 

Invest in the future of the Suceava community! 

Each of us has the potential to change our local community for the better. A simple act of altruism, a helping hand in times of need, or a donation - all of these are stepping stones to a better future. Through your core values, you hold the power to make a positive difference in the community you represent.



All companies, micro-enterprises and self-employed people in Romania have the legal responsibility of paying taxes under the current tax system. Profit tax is a matter regulated by law, so a percentage of a company's earnings goes to the government annually.


However, you have the right to make a choice.

The Romanian legislative system offers the possibility to redirect 20% of the profit tax to an NGO of your choice. More specifically, as a taxpayer, the decision to allocate this percentage to the national treasury or to support a charitable cause is in your hands.


Choose to do good deeds without paying any extra;

Redirect 20% of your profit tax to the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation!


By redirecting 20% of your profit tax to the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation (Fundația Umanitară ASSIST), you will be proving significant support to the Suceava community. Every contribution helps us make a difference in the lives of those who need our help.

How do you redirect 20% of your profit tax?


You can financially support the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation, according to the Fiscal Code and Law no. 32/1994, as amended. In order to do this, it is necessary to fill in a sponsorship contract and transfer the financial resources to the foundation's account by 31 December 2023

  • If you represent a company liable for corporation tax, the amount is deducted from your profit tax, up to the lower of 0.75% of turnover or 20% of annual profit tax.  
  • If you are a micro-enterprise, the amount is deducted from the profit tax due in the fourth quarter, up to a maximum of 20%. This possibility is also valid for the other fiscal quarters.

Sponsorship contract


If you did not make any deductible sponsorships in 2022 or the amount sponsored did not reach the maximum limit allowed by law (20% of the profit tax, but not more than 0.75% of the turnover, or maximum 20% of the profit tax for micro-enterprises), you have the option to submit Declaration 177 to ANAF by 27 December 2023. With this declaration, you can request for the difference between the amount sponsored and the maximum limit to be directed to the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation. The process involves signing a sponsorship contract, entering the exact amount in the accounting calculations as well as completing and submitting Declaration 177 to ANAF. After verification, ANAF will transfer the money to the foundation within 45 days.

Declaration 177


The next step is to submit to ANAF Declaration 107, which provides information about the beneficiaries of sponsorships, patronage and private scholarships. This must be done by 25 March of the following year for companies with profit tax and by 25 January of the following year for micro-enterprises with profit tax. 

Declaration 107


Express the values of your business through your decision to support the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation. 


It is important to highlight the contribution of our partners in charitable actions. These partners are people and organisations who share the same values and desire to make a positive change in the community of Suceava and its surroundings. By collaborating with different entities, such as companies, other NGOs or public institutions, we can amplify the impact of our initiatives. Partnerships bring additional resources, varied experiences and expertise, allowing us to approach social challenges from different perspectives and develop more complex and effective projects.


Redirect 20% of your profit tax to the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation


How do we use the funds you redirect?

  • We bring joy through technology to schools in Suceava County and give children the chance for a better future through state-of-the-art educational resources.  
  • We reward students with outstanding results and teachers who have laid the foundation for innovation and educational performance
  • We support and organize events that promote culture for members of the Suceava community. 
  • We support the treatment and medication of people with major health problems in Suceava, whose financial means do not allow them access to advanced medical services
  • We offer humanitarian support to all those in need and bring hope into the homes of those who live a life marked by the worry of tomorrow.


Other ways you can support the activity of the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation


  • Fund a project.

We want to provide the most possible support to the local community through education, culture and health. Help us make Suceava a better place!  

  • Organise Organize a campaign or an event.

Events can be aimed both internally within your company or externally for all members of the community. Funds raised from the campaign or charity event will be used by the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation to support the local community.  

  • Run a CSR campaign.

Redirect a part of the revenue raised generated during a specific period or for a specific product to the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation. In this way, you can support the development of the local community and offer your customers an example of social responsibility.


Thank you for caring about our local community.
Don't forget that you can support Fundația Umanitară ASSIST's activity anytime through an online donation.


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