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We celebrated World Blood Donor Day with a blood donation campaign!

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What’s one of the most valuable ways to spend an hour? 

Donating blood! 

Only one hour of your time is necessary to save up to three lives. It typically takes around one hour for the blood donation process, with the actual donation only taking about 5-10 minutes. A deed of altruism for you may result in salvation and hope for others. Millions of hospitalized patients around the world need heroes like you. As simple as it sounds, it's essential - so we can confidently say that donating blood makes you a superhero

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on June 14. This day is a perfect opportunity to spread the message about blood donation and show our gratitude to those who, through their goodwill, give others the gift of living. Volunteers at Fundația Umanitară ASSIST have shown us that they have a big heart and an unconditional desire to help those in need. So, Fundația Umanitară ASSIST honored this year's Donor Day through a blood donation campaign in Suceava.


The "Donate Blood. Be a #ProudDonor!" campaign. 

Blood donation has become a yearly tradition in the ASSIST community since our first blood drive campaign in 2019. The "Donate Blood. Be a #ProudDonor!" campaign appeals to all community members from Suceava to do a good deed. 

During the three days of the campaign - June 10, 14, and 15, we were present at the Suceava County Blood Transfusion Center (Centrul Județean de Transfuzie Sanguină Suceava). In total, 27 volunteers from Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST joined the initiative to donate blood. We are grateful to them as well as the friends and relatives who accompanied them and dedicated their time to helping those in need. 

Who can donate? 

From a medical perspective, there are some requirements one must fulfill to be able to donate blood. Nevertheless, a big part of the population is eligible. Individuals willing to donate blood must meet the following conditions: 

  • 18-60 years old 

  • Body weight over 60 kg 

  • Regular pulse (60-100 beats/minute

  • Have not had dental treatments in the last three months 

  • Have not had major surgery in the last six months 

  • Women should not be pregnant or menstruating 

  • Have not consumed alcohol or high-fat foods in the 48 hours before donation; 

  • Is not suffering from a chronic or acute condition.


Over time, there have been various conceptions regarding the eligibility criteria and donation process that have spread that are either only partly true or completely false. These myths can easily lead to misinformation and reduced donor numbers. Together with the medical staff from the Suceava County Blood Transfusion Center, we selected 6 of the most popular myths and debunked them. 

  • Myth 1: If you donate blood, you will feel sick all day. 

False! A donor may feel slightly dizzy immediately after the procedure, but this symptom does not appear every time. You can consume a lot of water before donating to prevent dizziness, and a snack puts you back on your feet quickly if you are feeling dizzy. 


  • Myth 2: Vegetarians and vegans can't donate. 

It's not like that! It’s a common misconception that vegetarians and vegans do not have enough iron in their bodies to donate. This is not valid with the right diet, it’s completely possible to get enough iron and thus to donate. 


  • Myth 3: The amount of blood collected is very high. 

The amount of blood you donate during a session is less than 10% of the total, precisely 450 ml. After donating, our bodies rapidly mobilize to produce new blood. You will not be negatively affected at all by the donation; in fact, there are many health benefits for donors. 


  • Myth 4: It takes a long time to donate. 

False. The whole process (including the preliminary consultation) takes less than an hour, with the actual donation only taking 5-10 minutes. 


  • Myth 5: You are not allowed to eat before donating blood. 

On the contrary, it is good to eat a few hours before donating blood, but low-fat foods. And if you are used to drinking coffee, you can do it without any problems. If you have low blood sugar, you can even eat a small bar of chocolate.


  • Myth 6: You can only donate once a year. 

False. Men can donate five times a year, and women three times a year. When was the last time you went to the Transfusion Center? 


Choose information from reliable sources! 


What do you need to know? 

Blood donation is a vital element of the global health system. Without this goodwill act, many hospitalized patients would not receive the life-saving surgeries and treatments they need. Every day, medical staff in public and private institutions need blood supplies. Blood collected from one person is enough to save up to 3 lives. 

For us, at Fundația Umanitară ASSIST, blood donors are the real heroes. Thanks to them, doctors have the power to perform miracles and save as many lives as possible. We value all the blood donors that joined our campaign and hope they become an example to encourage more community members to donate. 

You can be a hero, as well! Contact your local blood donation center and donate!