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The story of a superhero with leukemia

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Fundația Umanitară ASSIST wants to be actively involved in changing lives.

Tudor is a kid that wants to continue bringing us joy with his contagious smile even if he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at an early age. He has already begun the treatments meant to give him the chance of a normal life.

However, soon after, he received another diagnosis of acute leukemia, among other health conditions. Thus, he started chemotherapy.

A hard treatment even for an adult became normality for the little boy. His family raised 1000 euros on a monthly basis to cover medical bills.

And even though Tudor plays with his stuffed animals and cures them of any illness, his treatment proved ineffective.

As a result, his only chance of winning against the disease became a clinic in Italy. There, he could undergo more advanced procedures.

However, relocation for him and his family was costly and since his family had already spent so much of their savings on months of therapy in Romania, his life was at stake.

Thankfully, our donors have contributed funds so that Tudor could go to the Bambino Gesu clinic in Italy and receive his life back.

News from Tudor:


Tudor didn't give up, and he refused to let leukemia win!

After a biopsy, the medics must now bring his treatment up to date, and our little superhero will have to face another challenge: chemotherapy.


Tudor arrived in Italy, and in the care of the doctors from the Bambino Gesu! He is curious and ready to move forward with his treatment. You're with him, which gives him strength!

Continue to help him. #Leukemia treatments are expensive, and Tudor has Special needs. He is also diagnosed with #DownSyndrome.