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Offering Hope and Support to Members of the Local Community

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In a world where generosity and compassion seem to have little space amidst the speed and daily concerns, the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation aims to encourage kindness, generosity, and unity. By actively engaging in charitable campaigns or actions supporting the development of education, culture, arts, and healthcare, we aspire to become promoters of altruism. We firmly believe these values are the foundation for building a united community and a prosperous society

Support for Vital Treatments

The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation donated 1000 EUR towards the vital medical treatment of Corina Cîmpan, a resident endocrinologist from Suceava. Diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumour called Vestibular Schwannoma, Corina is facing a tough battle for her life. To support this devoted mother of two, the foundation provided financial assistance for her surgery. The complex but necessary intervention must be performed at a specialized centre requiring substantial financial resources. The cost of the procedure is 8,500 EUR, with additional preoperative and postoperative expenses of approximately 15,000 EUR. Travel and accommodation expenses for the patient's family, as well as consumables and pharmaceutical products, are also included in the cost.

Another case where we offered support is Ionuț Stavnic’s - a young man from Suceava, recently diagnosed with colon cancer with metastases in the lungs and liver. Ionuț is currently undergoing chemotherapy sessions at the Rudolfinerhouse Clinic in Vienna, with treatment costs amounting to a considerable sum of 36,000 EUR. As the family's resources are depleted, the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation provided them with 4000 EUR to continue this crucial treatment for his recovery.

The most recent case supported by the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation is that of Diana Ențuc, a 21-year-old woman facing a health issue that prevents her from enjoying typical activities for her age. Diana is dealing with a severe arteriovenous malformation in the right maxillary sinus, requiring complex surgical intervention to restore her to a normal life and eliminate associated risks and pains. 
With determination and courage, she reached the Anadolu Clinic in Turkey for treatment. Our foundation has provided Diana with financial support of 10,000 RON to assist her in the healing process. 

Izabela, a 17-year-old girl from Suceava was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in November of last year. Her fight with the disease took her to Cluj, where she received medical care. However, her hope for a normal life lies in a bone marrow transplant surgery that she must undergo in Turkey. The cost of the procedure, approximately 80,000 EUR, was covered by a generous person from Italy, but Izabela's family still needs support with the post-operative care costs.

Accommodation for a few weeks near the hospital in Turkey and the necessary medical supplies, represent a significant financial burden for Izabela's family. The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation responded to their request, offering financial support of 2,000 EUR.



Support for Talented Youth

One of the foundation's main objectives is to support education and development, both within the community and among its members.  

The case of Karla Mihai, a remarkable young woman and graduate of the "Ștefan cel Mare" National College in Suceava, caught our attention. Karla scored a perfect 10 in the Informatics exam in the Baccalaureate, achieving a final average of 9.40. Besides her interest in computers, she is passionate about martial arts and engages in volunteer activities in the area of social inclusion. She was accepted at the prestigious School of Computer Science BCS at the University of Glasgow.

The annual tuition fee is 9,250 GBP, with an additional 5,400 GBP for accommodation, which Karla cannot afford. Despite the availability of study funding programs, she could not apply for them after being admitted.

The foundation supported her with 2,000 EUR, enabling her to fulfil her dream of studying at this prestigious university. With her exceptional qualities, we believe she will leave a lasting impression on the university, just as she did on her community. 

These donations are evidence of our commitment to the community and its members. The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation is dedicated to supporting people in critical moments and helping them achieve their aspirations for a better future.

We are delighted to be part of these stories of courage and hope and invite all interested parties to join our efforts in supporting the community and those in need of our help. 


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