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Fundraising for the computer lab at Secondary School No. 3

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Education is the most important investment we can make for the future of our community. Fundația Umanitară ASSIST aims to support teachers' efforts and provide new learning opportunities for children in Suceava through modern educational resources

Thanks to teacher Daniela Petrovici, the children at the Secondary School No. 3 in Suceava have grown interested in learning robotics and programming. In this context, equipping the computer lab with modern robotics equipment is necessary for pupils who want to improve their skills. This initiative will support educating 500 children who attend weekly informatics classes.

Together we give children a chance to innovate and get a high-quality education! 

The existing equipment limits the efforts of teacher Daniela Petrovici. Fundația Umanitară ASSIST is here to enable pupils to learn about robotics through a fundraising campaign.


The money raised will be used to purchase the following equipment: 

  • 1 laptop 
  • 24 BBC micro: bit V2 - Kitronik Starter Kits 
  • 1 Omni: bit smart robot car 
  • 1 STEAM education 16 in 1 Building: Bit kit with building block 
  • 1 HelloBot STEM smart robot car 
  • 1 Micro: Bit joystick controller

With the help of these devices, approximately 500 students at the Suceava Secondary School No. 3 will benefit from an interactive, dynamic, and creative learning environment. The skills they acquire in robotics classes help them gain a clearer perspective over their studies and careers.

Support educational performance in your local community.

Help us give children a chance for education and innovation. Donate now!