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Fundraising for a 12-year-old student with S-shaped scoliosis

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Fundația Umanitară ASSIST is currently running a fundraising campaign for Diana, a 12-year-old girl facing severe health problems. Diana has insulin-dependent diabetes and S-shaped scoliosis Because of this malformation, there is a risk that one of the ribs will harm her lung.

The Brain Institute clinic from Bucharest can perform the much-needed emergency surgery. However, the surgery costs rise to 25,000 euros, so Diana and her family need our support!


Who is Diana? 

Diana is an exceptional straight-A student at Școala Gimnazială nr. 1 Suceava. Her ambition sets an example and is a real-life lesson. Diana’s story is special, but she views her health problems as a challenge that will strengthen her power.

Diana is teaching us that no problem is impossible to overcome through dedication. And we want to encourage and support her in these difficult times. 

Diana’s school, led by Professor Tamara Brutaru, has started the "A smile for Diana" campaign. Now, she has the support of her colleagues, parents, and teachers. Fundația Umanitară ASSIST has also donated 19,500 RON to the fundraising. 


How can we bring back Diana's smile? 

We can all contribute to her dream to lead a happy life. Any donation is a step toward the surgery she needs to eliminate the risks threatening her life.


Together we can raise 25,000 euros! 


Diana's unfortunate destiny is also marked by other concerns, such as her mother's health problems. Diana's mother, Monica, suffers from thyroid carcinoma with metastases, biliary cirrhosis, bilateral axial spondylitis, disc herniation, and cervical hernias. However, she wants to give her child everything she needs for a healthy and happy life.  

For us, the volunteers from Fundația Umanitară ASSIST, Diana's case is very impressive and touching. At the same time, we realized that a human's life is invaluable. Diana's strength, courage, and ambition deserve all your support. Donate to help Diana!