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Excellence in Education Award presented by Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST on the stage of the Autumn Symphonies (Simfonii de Toamnă)

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The community of Suceava enjoyed a magical evening at the 9th edition of the Autumn Symphonies (Simfonii de Toamnă) cultural event. We witnessed an exceptional show, with harmonious notes of classical music, laser lighting displays, and fireworks, on the 8th of September. The long-awaited event gathered over 7000 participants in the town square of Suceava.

Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST was honored to take part as an official partner, in this year's edition of Autumn Symphonies. Rotary Club Suceava organized the event and ran a fundraising campaign to provide scholarships to students from the county with outstanding school results. It was a great pleasure for us to contribute to this exceptional cultural event and at the same time to support young people in Suceava. Besides charitable actions, Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST promotes culture and education. As such, we provided a special opening concert by soprano Ana Cebotari and the Mundicolor Orchestra. Later, during the event, we presented an award expressing our admiration for and gratitude to one of the most renowned professors in Suceava, Mr Costan Costică.


"Without physics, there is nothing!"

Professor Costan Costică has been working in the physics department at the "Ștefan cel Mare" National College in Suceava since 1974. Throughout his career of almost 50 years, he has achieved many spectacular results and has inspired many of his students to love physics.

Because of his passion for physics, Professor Costan Costica has been and continues to be an exceptional mentor for young people with an inclination toward this field. Thus, 65 of his students took part in the National Physics Olympiad, where they won numerous distinctions. 9 of these students won first prize, 8 won second prize, 9 won third prize, 2 came back with special prizes, and 22 with mentions. Moreover, 12 of his students made it to the national group for the International Physics Olympiad, and 5 of these students achieved the following results: 2 silver medals, 1 bronze medal, 1 mention, and 1 special prize.

Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST showed its gratitude for the value brought by Professor Costan Costică to the education system in Suceava County, right on the stage of the Autumn Symphonies. We presented him with the Excellence in Education Award during the event, in front of thousands of people. On this occasion, we congratulated him for all his impressive achievements. Also, we expressed our appreciation for his dedication and passion during his long career.

Today, Mr. Costan Costica is 76 years old and continues to share his vast knowledge with young people. His well-known motto "Without physics, there is nothing!" continues to resonate in the physics classes at the "Ștefan cel Mare" Suceava National College, where he is still teaching.


Music brings people together!

This year's “Autumn Symphonies” classical music concert attracted thousands of people to the city center of Suceava. Together, we enjoyed a special repertoire with exciting performances and prominent international artists. Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST provided a special opening moment by soprano Ana Cebotari and the Mundicolor Orchestra. The artists captivated us from the very first notes, giving us an emotional journey into the world of pop opera.

The performance continued with famous songs from the classical music repertoire, performed by the “Serghei Lunchevici” National Philharmonic from Moldova - maestro Mihail Agafita, the “DOINA” Choral Chapel - maestro Ilona Stepan and the Philharmonic dance group. Moreover, during the event, the soloists Tatiana Costiuc (soprano), Dumitru Mitu (tenor), Viorica Agafita (violin), Martina Meola (piano), Marin Gheras (nai), and Eugen Negruta (accordion) stood out with impressive moments.


Fundatia Umanitara ASSIST continues to support art, culture, and education. We support the local community and the education of young people through campaigns and charitable actions. At the same time, we believe in the potential of future generations and support performance to the highest level. Be part of their success! Donate online!