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The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation supports culture and local artists: Launch of the "Heart" Poetry Volume

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On the 21st of December, the young Andreea Juduc launched her first poetry volume titled "Heart", at the Suceava’s Astronomical Observatory.

In an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm, participants were invited to explore the secrets of creativity and the human soul, in a unique way.

Andreea Juduc, a plastic artist and book illustrator from Suceava, brings a new perspective to the local art scene. With five personal exhibitions and over 20 participations in collective showcases, Andreea has captured the attention and hearts of the people of Suceava. Recently, she added a new achievement to her artistic portfolio by publishing her first volume of poems - "Heart". Her creations remain a source of inspiration for art lovers in the community

The event began with a speech in which the author presented this literary creation, the result of three years of work and inspiration.

The atmosphere was enhanced by artistic projections, poetry readings enveloped in delicate violin chords, and an interactive Q&A session through which those present had the opportunity to get to know Andreea Juduc better.

The launch of the volume "Heart" was not just a literary event but a multisensory experience that brought together people with shared passions, exploring the beauty and depth of poetry.

We are delighted to have been able to participate alongside Andreea in this significant moment of her career, and we wish her all the best in her future projects. 

The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation is a promoter of culture and art in the local community, expressing its support through various initiatives aimed at encouraging local talent. With a development-focused vision, the foundation is actively involved in supporting artists like Andreea Juduc, who explore new horizons of creativity.  

The foundation's mission is not only to provide financial support but also to create a conducive environment for local artists to reach their full potential. Therefore, the collaboration between the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation and Andreea highlights the foundation's commitment to encourage and develop local talent, contributing to the flourishing of art and culture in the community. 

The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation has previously backed similar projects, such as the printing of Mr. Major Alin Găleată's philology PhD work, "Media Discourse and Institutional Communication". Also, our funds have helped publish a monograph by Professor Florin Moraru. The paper illustrates the history of the "Ștefan cel Mare" National College in Suceava, a true pillar of education in the Suceava community.

If you want to hear more stories with happy endings, follow us on our website or social media. Our foundation's actions will bring satisfaction and optimism.