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The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation launched the Educational Caravan "Health in Motion"

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Taking healthcare education on the road can effectively help young people make good lifestyle choices. This is the approach behind a new campaign launched by the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation. Our "Health in Motion" educational caravan brings interactive workshops directly to students in different rural communities across Suceava County.

The caravan's first campaign focused on a topic very relevant to children: oral health. According to a recent report by the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future, over 40% of children in rural areas experience untreated tooth decay by the age of 12. These alarming statistics point to the critical need for programs like 'Health in Motion' to address the lack of both oral healthcare knowledge and access faced by children in rural communities. The timing coincided with International Oral Health Day, making it a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about proper dental hygiene practices. Over 663 students from seven schools in the Udești commune attended our presentations.

A team of 10 dental technician students volunteered their time and expertise alongside Professor Dr. Iulian Tiniuc.


We went to primary and secondary school children and showed them the correct steps to brush their teeth to prevent tooth decay and other problems in the oral cavity.

The engaging format of the presentations encouraged active participation and a deeper understanding of these health practices. Together, we covered various aspects of oral health:

  • Proper brushing techniques and maintaining a healthy smile:
  • The importance of fluoride toothpaste: The specialists explained how fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and protects against cavities.
  • Dietary choices for healthy teeth: Students could explore how their food choices can impact their health, understanding the benefits of nutritious options and the disadvantages of sugary treats.

The campaign "Health in Motion" doesn't stop here. The caravan will continue its journey, addressing many health topics while travelling in different communities in the Suceava county.

The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation promotes health through education

The ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation aims to improve the lives of individuals in the Suceava. Education, culture, health, and humanitarian support are important components of our charitable efforts. We are dedicating to providing young people with opportunities that can help them achieve a better future.

The "Health in Motion" educational caravan is a great example of the ASSIST Humanitarian Foundation's commitment to promoting health through educational programs. The next initiatives will cover various health-related topics, with the goal of providing valuable insights to children in Suceava rural communities. Numerous volunteers and experts will join us to ensure that pupils gain the knowledge and skills they need to make informed health choices.